Everyday Moments-(#SOL-2022)

19-07-2022 The rains are still coming but there is a change. It is not pouring like it had. There are sunny moments, suddenly dark clouds gather and the  rain is enough to drench anyone to the skin. I was stitching upstairs and saw dark clouds approaching. They looked fascinating.  Yesterday morning was bright and sunny.… Continue reading Everyday Moments-(#SOL-2022)

Everyday Moments  (#SOL-2022)

31-05-2022 Yesterday we read in the newspaper that the Southwest Monsoon has entered Kerala and will reach our state by June 2nd. That is good news and something to smile about😊.Fortunately, Nagesh came yesterday to pluck coconuts.  We have ten trees. Once the rains start it is impossible to climb the tree. Nagesh climbs the… Continue reading Everyday Moments  (#SOL-2022)

Everyday Moments- (#SOL-2022)

23-05-2022 On Sunday we saw the sun shining brightly after ten days. It was a welcome sight. It has been forecast that our South-West monsoon will enter Kerala early next week. These rains are very important for agriculturists. They bring down the temperature too. We usually see monkeys walking on our compound walls in search… Continue reading Everyday Moments- (#SOL-2022)